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Sandra Haynes

Who am I?

I am a Diarist (say it like you say painter, author, sculptor, dancer, musician.)

Diaries are an art form, a mixed media form of writing, drawing, painting, and even sculpture. Like all the other arts, the subject matter derives from the internal and external interests of the artist but diaries have an element no other art form has - privacy.
Diaries are an art form that thrives in the darkness, out of the public eye, hidden in drawers, closets, fire safes, and encrypted files.


This makes diaries uniquely egalitarian. Without the requirement or motivation to share what is in the diary, there is no need to live up to external artistic standards. Curiosity and exploration can be freely indulged in by anyone. 


I've been keeping my diary for over 40 years. It's my life's work; the one consistent thing in what has turned out to be a chaotic, voraciously curious life.


Gallery Installation of Sandra Haynes Diary

Mnemonic Systems

Gallery installation of my diary.

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