Advantages of Working In Series

Artist Sandra Haynes discusses isolating visual variables to facilitate working on a series based project.

Monet did more than 30 paintings of the Rouen Cathedral. Art Historians frame this as him exploring the light. He explored other things as well: color, brush stroke, speed of painting, training and retraining his eye for the subject and more. Fixing one or several variables allows for and requires that other variables fluctuate. This method of isolating variables, it's what scientists stole from artists and then claimed as their own. Sandra Haynes discusses the process she uses to isolate variables and work in series using examples from three of her series projects, The State of Mind drawings, the Modernism's Dirty Laundry mixed media collages, and The Discarded Tarot, a series of 78 symbolic collages.

Are You Tarot Curious?

Curious about Tarot cards? Artist Sandra Haynes discusses the origins and structure of the tarot and how she uses it to inspire her art.

Come for an introduction to the archetypal symbolism and structure of the Tarot. Review the classic Rider Waite Smith deck as compared to a variety of contemporary published decks. Mixed media artist Sandra Haynes will guide you through the creation process of her new tarot art deck called the Discarded Tarot and discuss how a Renaissance era card game has become an enduring repository of cultural archetypes that continue to inspire us.

78 Solutions to Writer's Block

Learn how tarot cards can be used to spark ideas for your writing an other artwork.

For over 30 years Sandra Haynes has used tarot cards as a tool to spark her creativity. She will discuss how tarot archetypes show up in literature (particularly children's literature) both directly and indirectly, and read a few of her tarot inspired flash fiction stories. Bring a notebook to try your own hand at some tarot inspired creativity, using prompts from Sandra's mixed media tarot deck, The Discarded Tarot.


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